The Brokerage System in Florida

Real Estate Professionals who work in the United States have to obtain a State’s Real Estate License (e. g. the Florida Real Estate License to do business in Florida) through a licensed Real Estate Academy finishing their education with the Real Estate State exam. Furthermore, Real Estate Professionals have to undergo an annual, continuing education in order to maintain their license.
Only Real Estate Brokers are allowed to operate a Real Estate Brokerage. They employ RE Agents and Realtors®. Agents and Realtors® have to work (“place their license”) with a Brokerage for at least 2 years before they are able to obtain their Broker License in order to operate their own Real Estate Company.

As all Real Estate Professionals have equal access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) there is no need for customers to work with different Realtors® to get information and an overview about the real estate market. Let your Realtor® know what you are expecting and looking for and he/she will find it for you. Usually, two Realtors® work on one transaction: The seller’s agent and buyer’s agent.

My promise to my customers is that I, as the Realtor® of their trust will work hard to achieve the best financial results – no matter if you are a Seller or a Buyer. You will benefit from my year-long experience in Real Estate and my expertise in the Construction business, especially if you are thinking about building your dream home. Due to my many years of successful business with European clients I can offer a wide range of expertise in this area, too.