Should You Renovate Or Update Before Selling Your Home?

Spend less and sell for more with these tips!

Preparing your house for sale involves taking several steps. One option may be renovating an older home before selling; however, this may not be the most advantageous way to sell. Complete renovation may not be necessary, but having a modern kitchen and bathroom will definitely attract buyers more quickly. Focus on high-ROI upgrades that will attract potential buyers while maintaining competitive pricing; read on to discover which improvements should be prioritized before listing your property.

Conduct a Deep Clean

You should conduct a thorough cleaning of your entire home to gain insight into the issues. Make sure no corner is missed as you scrub floors, steam clean carpets, and power wash your exterior.

Decluttering your home as part of this process will allow you to identify areas in need of repair or updating. Once the deep cleaning and decluttering are done, you can focus on those areas.

Conduct a Pre-Listing Inspection to Identify Upgrade Opportunities

Never leave your home unfinished unless you plan to sell it as-is. A pre-listing inspection can help identify any issues before listing your house for sale. You might need to fix your roof, unclog drains or replace electrical outlets; ask your agent about the details from your inspection report about what needs to be done.

Renovate Your Home Before Selling

Don't just repair what's broken; bring in the new!

Renovations can be a major transformation of your home, such as installing a brand-new kitchen or replacing an outdated bathtub with an elegant glass shower. A fully renovated home will appeal more to potential buyers than those without. If you don’t need to replace all your cabinets, repaint them instead and consider updating them with new appliances.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be freshened up with paint and hardware. A great way to make the room stand out is by taking down the curtain and installing a glass door on your shower.

Impress buyers with your fresh curb appeal.

You can make low-cost improvements to your home, such as updating the bathroom and kitchen. Furthermore, replacing your garage door and repainting your front door will improve the curb appeal – how it appears to potential buyers – considerably.

Save money by updating your home instead of renovating it.


While getting your home ready for sale can be a major undertaking, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve major renovations. If you want your property to sell quickly, opt for thoughtful upgrades instead of time-consuming improvements.

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