New Construction – Real Estate as an Investment

Investments in Real Estate are most of the time and without a doubt the right decision.

Facing global financial crises again and again this fact will not change soon. Especially, in growing Real Estate markets like Cape Coral, and SWFL in general the demand for housing, the number of households, and space requirements per person are growing. Following these facts, property prices are climbing again.

Your financial investment in new construction is free of almost all market risks:

  • Contrary to stocks, the real estate evaluation is based on location and building structure and not on hopes and future expectations
  • You can be flexible and sell your property anytime and you do not depend on funds managers and stock market prices.
  • With the purchase of new construction in Florida, you are investing in the sustainable growth of your personal assets.

With us, the Holiday and more Corporation you are in good hands. You will benefit from excellent building quality, competent property management and maintenance, my expertise in Real Estate, and 30-year long experience in construction.

Good reasons to think about new construction as a profitable and reasonable investment are:

  • Value preservation and value growth
  • Reliable Return on Investment over the time and a possible positive cash flow
  • Security for retirement due to rental income or rent free owner-occupation (self-used property)
  • Nowadays, new constructions feature better engineering, materials testing and energy efficiency than in the past. They also require tighter building code restrictions and a review by the municipality to assess any issues before construction begins.
  • New construction properties typically come with a warranty and brand new equipment.
  • Your maintenance costs will be much less than in an existing property.
  • You are able to get a house built exactly the way you want it.